Avatar Hi, I’m Binh.

I’m a Fullstack IoT Developer in Budapest and well… I like to make things in my free time.

Ever since I was a kid, I had an urge to discover. Whether it is opening up a toy car to learn its mechanism or destroying pop’s TV for an experiment, nothing has stopped my curiosity from fulfilling itself.

Later on, I used this energy to learn new skills that would help me on my path as a Maker. From photography to web development, I always try to learn as much as possible.

As a wise person from the Internet once said “Sharing is the best way to learn”, Binh’s Archive was created with one purpose in mind: to inspire and to learn. Sharing is my next step in truly harnessing knowledge.

If you are entering the Developer Community and want to know something new or cool, I hope this blog will be a good place for you. Through my projects, you’ll be learning with me, making mistakes with me. We will help each other and grow together.

Feel free to reach me at [email protected]

Imagine. Create. Inspire.