The artwork behind this article is inspired by Everything Everywhere All At Once’s poster, in which googly eyes are formed tightly on a flat plane.

The first time I saw this poster, I had an idea to make it into an interactive art installation where the eyes follow the movement of a human stading in front of them. The video below is a small demo of Circle Packing and Object tracking based on the newest entity in this artwork.

Although it sounds silly, it requires a strong base of Math and Physics as well as Creative Coding experience. Using p5.js and PoseNet, this wall of googly eyes can track a human using just a normal camera or do effects based on the number of people in its view. Furthermore, it can be implemented on websites as backgrounds or interactive games due to its browser-friendly nature.

Currently, this is private work and is not open-sourced in any way. For display purpose, this interactive installation can be modified and installed on demand. Please contact me for further developments and collaboration.

Thank you for reading

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