If you have light on light, you have nothing. If you have dark on dark, you basically have nothing. Just like in life. You gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come.

Bob Ross The joy of painting

My 2022 was like a Bob Ross painting, with patches of light and dark in harmony.

This was a beautiful year, I have achieved many things I have never dared to think about. I have met people that made my life so much easier to live and pull through. I have gone to places that made me realize like I’m just a speck of sand in this world.

And amidst all that luminous sparkles were the times that I stayed up all night of stress or drowned myself in a bottle of Japanese Whiskey and a pack of cigarettes.

If it weren’t for my family and friends and the constant streak of luck I had, maybe this year was “nothing”.

Fortunately, it was something. And to conclude this year with the ending it deserves, I present something that my blog will remind me of every year from now on.

This 2022 wrapped can be adapted to your own design with my Photoshop template.

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